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A major work by Yslaire, the first Sambre saga in 5 volumes was published between 1984 and 2003. 19 years for 5 volumes, this is quite exceptional in the field of comics and the followers of Sambre waited patiently for 7 years for the release of the last Volume. Sambre, this is Balzac in comics have said some, and it's not wrong. Based on a magnificent, dark drawing where only the color red illuminates the darkness of the boards, Sambre is a first-rate graphic work.

Summary (taken from Yslaire's website)

We are in 1848, on the eve of the revolution. Hugo Sambre, the patriarch of the family, committed suicide by leaving unfinished a manuscript retracing the life of his family, The War of the Eyes. During his father's funeral, Bernard Sambre meets Julie, a young poacher with red eyes. The thunderbolt awakens the curse that hangs over the family. Bernard's mother is murdered by Sarah, his own daughter who does not hesitate to accuse Julie ... "Woe to him who loves red-eyed creature, for that one will cry, his life, tears of blood ..."

Julie leaves for Paris leaving a message to Bernard Sambre: I know that you will come. Bernard decides to go to Paris to sort out the inheritance issues and, he hopes, find Julie. For her part, she finds the Vicar, whom she believes to be her father. Their meeting ends in a fist fight, and Julie finds refuge with a painter, Valdieu, who has a studio in Hugo Sambre's mansion. Soon, Julie and Bernard will live in the same place, without knowing it or crossing paths.

February 1848. Paris wakes up to the sound of revolution. “… We are a hundred, in an hour we will be a thousand! The pear is chard! New seasons are coming !! ". Egon Valdieu wants to make Julie his muse, like Delacroix twenty years earlier with Olympe de Castelbalac.

On the barricades, Julie becomes the symbol of freedom on the move, as Valdieu had imagined. Finding Julie on the revolutionary barricades, Bernard falls under army bullets.

September 1856. Sentenced to hard labor for life after being deported to Algeria, Julie has been living in the Brest prison for three years. Having become number 3492, she did not know the children she gave birth to eight years earlier. Two fraternal twins. A girl who died in childbirth, and a boy, Bernard-Marie, who was stolen from her. He is brought up by his aunt Sarah, Bernard Sambre's sister. Not hesitating to rewrite history, she cultivates the cult of her father with him, to the detriment of her mother Julie, described as a woman of bad life. Bernard-Marie understands that she is lying and Sarah locks her in the Sambre vault. Attacked by a rat, the last of the Sambre now has a red eye ...

Our opinion

Yslaire's ambition was to make it a three-generation saga in 12 volumes, from Bernard (1847) to Nelson (1871). Only 5 volumes have been released since 1984 and at this rate, one can think that this series will remain unfinished.

Faced with the impossible task of finishing Sambre, Yslaire has since teamed up with young authors to produce a new series which takes up the story of the Father, Hugo Sambre, and which is entitled "The war of the Sambre" with three volumes. released to date, at the rate of one volume per year.

The Sambre War is undoubtedly a success too, however some regret that Yslaire entrusted the drawing to young authors, who despite their talents, did not necessarily know how to keep the magic of Yslaire's drawings from the first Saga.

Maybe Yslaire's eyes (red?) Were bigger than his stomach ...


Glénat Edition

Drawing: Yslaire

Screenplay: Yslaire and Balac (volumes I and II)

Find all the episodes of Sambre in store.

Sambre second generation (1847-1848) - Bernard & Julie

1. No longer is anything to me (1986)

2. I Know You Will Come, (1990)

3. Revolution, revolution… (1993), republished under the title Liberty, freedom ... (2003)

4. Should We Die Together? (1996)

Sambre third generation (1856-1862) - Bernard-Marie & Judith

1. Cursed be the fruit of his womb (2003)

2. The Sea seen from Purgatory, forthcoming

3. Our eyes, our hair, our pride, to appear

4. The one that my eyes do not see, to appear

Sambre last generation (1862-1871) - Nelson & Judith

1. Off the landmarks, forthcoming

2. Les Cerises de Mademoiselle Dyeu, forthcoming

3. All the rages of hope, forthcoming

4. The Last of the Sambre, forthcoming

The Sambre War

Futuropolis / Glénat edition

Screenplay: Yslaire

Drawings and Color: Jean Bastide and Vincent Mezil

book I (1830-1847) - Hugo & Iris

1. Hugo's wedding (2007)

2. Passion according to Iris (2008)

3. The Watching Moon, (2009)

Video: Teaser Yslaire SAMBRE VII Fleur de pavé (December 2021).